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We offer a variety of intensive workshops and seminars that will jump-start transformations you seek in yourself or at your organization. While they deliver excellent value as stand-alone experiences, our workshops are also the starting point for most continuing engagements.

Leadership Constitution Workshop

This foundational awareness tool brings alignment and purpose to your your actions. Your Leadership Constitution will serves as a reference for all further Gabriel Consulting services.

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Core Ideology Workshop

Connect your company values, mission, and purpose to your day-to-day operations.

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Actions and Interests Seminar

Identify and eliminate harmful behaviors within your team. Reinforce and nurture constructive ones.

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Many leaders choose to engage Gabriel Consulting for personal leadership coaching.  Working with a Gabriel leadership coach might be challenging at times, but we are far more committed to your growth and success than to your comfort.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Individual executive coaching focussed on your growth and development.

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Executive Team Coaching & Development

Align your team with dynamic group coaching.

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Whether your leadership team needs support overcoming a specific obstacle, or you need to fundamentally restructure the management culture at your organization, Gabriel Consulting can engage an entire leadership team in a meaningful way.

Transitional Coaching

If your organization is undergoing a critical transition and faces demanding circumstances, you need nothing less than absolute commitment from your top management.

High Performing Organization

High performing cultures that can sustain peak-level performance must be constantly nurtured and maintained. Gabriel consulting can guide you in establishing the behavior, communication, and commitment patterns your organization needs to perform at the highest level. 

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