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The Gabriel Consulting Group is a leadership development and consulting firm dedicated to empowering business leaders to grow wildly successful organizations that cultivate, nurture, and inspire people. 

>> About Rich Hill, Founder & CEO

Our Philosophy

At Gabriel Consulting Group we believe that the most successful companies are those in which all organizational members — employees and executives alike — bring innovation, excitement, and creativity to their work.  Our consulting practice is targeted at identifying the barriers that stifle excitement and innovation in the workplace, and facilitating the expression of full engagement in employees across the organization.  



Culture is the soil from which every aspect of your organization is grown. If that soil is rich, your performance will flourish.  Your journey starts by placing the right ingredients in the soil. Your journey starts with culture.


On every team, performance is driven by the quality of the relationships between members.  Investing in meaningful relationship enhances your organization's financial performance and elevates employee fulfilment. 


Communication is the valve through which all team performance must flow. Organizations that focus on generating excellent communication are rewarded with excellent performance.

Top Management

Executive leaders hold the responsibility to generate vision and drive culture transformations.  At Gabriel Consulting Group, any successful engagement therefore must include active participation from top management.


We are committed to your success, and invested in the outcomes of the work we do together. You can expect measurable results, both in your company's performance and in your personal satisfaction.

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