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Richard Hill


Richard Hill has been consulting businesses leaders on issues of strategy, performance, and executive leadership since 1988. He has worked with CEO’s of over 400 organizations ranging from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 100 companies and conducted leadership development workshops for YPO and EO forums across the country.  His passion is enabling business leaders to achieve success in their organizations, and fulfillment in their lives.  Prior to founding Gabriel Consulting Group in 1997, Rich served as a senior consultant with the Clarion Group, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development in healthcare systems. Rich graduated with a BFA from the University of Illinois in 1984 where he engaged extensively in studies of organizational design, transformation, and coaching.


Rich is an elite amateur triathlete, having qualified for and competed in the Ironman World Championships.  He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife and children.  In his free time, Rich enjoys writing, composing classical music, and playing the guitar and piano.

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T: 630.417.6484  

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