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Gabriel Consulting Group Expanding

(From left to right: Rich Hill, Travis Sheldon, Sam Johnson, Tony Burke)


If you’re reading this blog post you’ve stumbled across a revitalized and energized Gabriel Consulting website. Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! The website isn’t the only new thing happening here at Gabriel, and we’d like to tell you just what we’ve been up to.

Gabriel Consulting Group

Many of our loyal customers personally know our founder and CEO, Rich Hill. Since 1997, Rich has impacted hundreds of business leaders and organizations through a carefully crafted culture consulting and leadership coaching practice. Anyone who has worked with Rich can testify to the power of his guidance, leadership development, and the immense impacts cultural transformation has on results. In fact, many of our clients refer him to business colleagues facing similar challenges. But during this time, Gabriel Consulting Group comprised of just one consultant--how can one person be a group?

We’re excited, inspired, and thrilled to announce the addition of three members to our team, making Gabriel Consulting Group, well, a real group. Check out our newest Gabrielites at the end of this article or visit our Team page for their extensive bios!

So, Why Expand?

At Gabriel Consulting, we are dedicated to empowering business leaders to grow wildly successful organizations that cultivate, nurture, and inspire people. The inspirational, engaging, and dynamic cultures that we help our clients create not only transforms organizational cultures, but also directly impacts results. Our goal is to enable thriving businesses to positively impact our world and the people who inhabit it, both internally and externally.

We are committed to the success of our clients’ businesses, but also to the fulfillment in their lives. After all, we spend nearly one third of our lives working, and we have seen the devastating effects that employee engagement has had on happiness and fulfillment in this country. In fact, Gallup, a reputable national survey company, recently reported that less than one third of all employees felt engaged in the workplace.

Gabriel’s expansion plans are in service of reaching more small business, entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators. They are in service of providing business leaders with tools, practices, and distinctions that will not only allow them to achieve success, but also fulfillment. By impacting fulfillment and inspiring engagement in the workplace, Gabriel hopes to be the small drop that creates a larger ripple of passionate innovation aimed at solving our world’s greatest challenges. The bigger the drop, the bigger the ripple. *Queue Expansion*

This initial expansion plan brings us one step closer towards impacting the culture of commerce in the United States. For too long, business in our country has been built on the harmful and unfulfilling culture of exploitation. In order to make the most profit, employers have historically extracted as much value as they can from their employees, while paying them as little as possible. At Gabriel, we know and believe that both profitability and fulfilment are maximized in a culture of generative collaboration, not exploitation. In this culture, workers and executives are aligned, they are moving towards a deeper purpose, and they are routed in a culture that supports them. Collaboration equates to employees and executives making the most, together.

Thank you again for stopping by. We’re glad you’re here. Transform yourself, your culture, and your world. Join us today.


Meet our New Team Members

Tony Burke

Tony comes to us with more than 30 years of executive and business consulting experience. Most recently, Tony served on the executive committee of the American Hospital Association and also as the president and CEO of AHA Solutions Inc., an AHA for-profit subsidiary. As a serial entrepreneur, Tony has founded and grown many companies, demonstrating success in organizing teams and systems, integrating adaptive workplace cultures, and executing marketing and productization strategy.

Sam Johnson

Sam joins Gabriel as a recent graduate of Boise State MBA program where he focussed his studies in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and the business model canvas. In 2016, Sam competed and placed second in the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge. After completing his undergraduate education at Whitman College, Sam spent seven years as a professional road cyclist gaining first hand experience in competition, team dynamics, and coaching through a rigorous training and racing schedule.

Travis Sheldon

Travis comes to us from Babson College, the world’s top school for entrepreneurship. As well as graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors, Travis was deeply involved in creating community impact on campus through his leadership roles as Varsity Basketball Captain and Resident Assistant. During his career, Travis helped lead his team to the Division III Final Four for the first time in program history. He was formally recognized for his contributions as an academic, an athlete, and a leader, earning 6 prestigious awards throughout collegiate his tenure.

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